Doing more with less

At QETZAL our objective is clear: make pleasure last. Our challenge is to achieve it by reducing our impact on the environment.

The QETZAL pack

We have decided to update and improve the (good old) tube: our packs are made entirely of recycled kraft, without aluminium, without plastic and printed with solvent-free inks.

The result is a fully recyclable cardboard pack, easy to handle.

  • 100% recycled kraft
  • 100% solvent free inks
  • No plastic blister pack
  • No aluminium
  • No plastic caps
alt_image_plastic_waste alt_image_alu_waste


This is the weight in tons that the QETZAL pack can save in non-recyclable waste materials for clubs and badminton players in France. A small step for players, a big leap for everyone!

Talking about protecting the planet is great,
acting is even better

At QETZAL we have decided that our products will be sustainable and responsible, but we also decided to support associations that are fighting for change.

We are a member of 1% For The Planet, a network which allows companies to support environmental associations carry out their actions. In concrete terms, we donate 1% of our revenue to SURFRIDER FUNDATION EUROPE, a NGO protecting oceans, shores and people. In 2020, SFE implements the “Riverine Input” project aiming at understanding better and fighting plastic pollution of rivers.